My mom always told me that I was an optimist. Looking back, I can’t really see how she saw that (I was the kind of kid who determined we were all going to die every time there was a thunderstorm)… but I can now see that her telling me that over and over again made me think that I was an optimistic person. To this day, I still feel like I’m a fairly optimistic person and I try to live my life by looking on the bright side of most things.

(Come on, I said TRY here… give me a break ;))


I’m very glad my mom kept telling me I was an optimist- whether she believed it or not.

Because it made me believe it.


We believe what we are taught. The positives and the negatives. Things we are taught from others, society, tv, and even ourselves affect us at every moment without our awareness being required.


This is the reason so many people struggle to have successful businesses, to get out of self-sabotaging cycles, or to simply make lifestyle changes that will benefit them.


We have formed a belief about what is true for us- and so of COURSE we want to stick with that- it’s who we are— right?


When you want to make a change in your life, you have to change what you believe about what’s true in your life.


So for example, if you want to stop being broke and start making money… then you have to believe it’s not only possible, but GOOD for you to have money.


This starts with acknowledging your current beliefs.

What do you believe about money at the moment? What do you feel when you think about money? Something like money has a LOT of backstory in your life (trust me) because it’s so prevalent in our society. You’ve been taught since before you can remember how to feel and think about money.


It’s probably going to sting to go over your money beliefs. If you’re struggling to make money- you’re probably harboring some pretty nasty beliefs.

But getting them out into the open will help so much when it comes to taking the next step, which is…


Release old beliefs.

Get them out of your head. Write them down. Then get rid of them. Burn the paper if you have to. Say each one in your head and forgive the shit out of it. EFT tap it out. Do whatever the hell you have to do to make yourself realize that the beliefs you wrote down are NOT your truths. Because they’re not. They’re stories that you chose to believe when you didn’t know better. Now you do. So now you’re changing them.


Replace old beliefs with NEW beliefs.

This is the exciting part.

Use mantras, affirmations, journaling.. Whatever floats your boat… but just do something to make yourself believe in the new things you want to be true for you.


This is not a one-and-done process, by the way. As you continue to grow, your beliefs will start to shift. It’s something you have to be aware of regularly. It’s kind of like going to the doctor. Sure, you can get a clean bill of health one year, but if you decide that means you don’t have to go for the rest of your life you could be harming yourself.


Mindset work is the same way. You have to check in with yourself regularly- and see if something has started to fall back or if something new that you don’t want there has crept in. Daily practice is the best but honestly whatever you can stick with is going to help. And it WILL help. You’ll see massive results in your business once you get your mindset cleared and ready to become powerful and unstoppable– believing that everything you want in life is yours for the taking!!


Leave a comment and tell me what belief you would like to let go of!


<3 Stacy


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