I have bad news.

There’s going to come a time in your business when you feel like giving up.

If you haven’t experienced this yet… I’m sorry, but it’s coming.

There is good news, however.

The good news is just because you FEEL like giving up, doesn’t mean that you have to, or even that you should.

Of course, there may come a time in your life when you just know that the path you’re on isn’t right for you. That’s okay, too.

Right now though, I’m talking about the times when you’re going to feel like giving up because it’s getting hard, frustrating, or scary.

If you’re anything like me, this feeling comes around a lot more often than desired. The key to getting through this is to realize that it is just a phase.

As with any phase, there are ways to speed yourself through it, so you can get over it and get back to working on the amazing business you’re in love with.

  1. Take a break
    Sometimes when you’re feeling like giving up it’s because you’re burnt out or overwhelmed. A lot of times the easiest cure for this is to take a few days off, and really enjoy yourself. For example, this past weekend I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, spent most of my time offline, went to an amazing dinner with my family, got the house cleaned, spent time outside, took a relaxing bath every day.. and really just took some time away from my computer and business and just let myself enjoy my family and relaxation time.
    By Monday, I was feeling amazing! I not only got over the feeling of being frustrated and burnt out, I felt inspired and energized to get going again.
  2. Re-evaluate what you’re doing
    Depending on how you’re feeling, this can mean two different things.
    On an extreme side, re-evaluating if your business is actually working for you- meaning are you really serving in a way that lights you up? Are you working with people who make you happy? Checking in to make sure that what you are doing is still right for you is important.  Don’t be afraid to change, either. Would you rather make the change and be happier with your business, or stay stuck, drained, and unsuccessful?
    On a less-extreme note, re-evaluate if your systems are potentially draining you. Check in with what you’re doing on a daily basis. What makes you happy and excited? What do you dread doing and drag your feet on? The things that you dislike, consider finding a way to make them more fun, more enjoyable, or if you can’t do that consider hiring someone else to do these things for you. The more JOY you have in your business, the better. Plus, when you’re joyful in your business you’re going to be attracting a whole lot more abundance into your life.
  3. Talk with someone who gets it
    Talking about how you’re feeling is an amazing way to talk yourself through a situation, plus get awesome feedback on how you can move forward.
    Remember: Do NOT talk to someone who doesn’t get your situation. My husband, for example, whom I love dearly and is so supportive, does NOT understand the “hard things” I have as an entrepreneur. Or as a woman/mom in general. lol. Find someone who DOES get what you’re going through (aka: they have the same thing going on in their life) and see if you can talk to them about it. They’ll not only understand, but also be able to share their own perspective and maybe give you some amazing advice.
    If you can’t find someone to talk to who will really get what you’re going through, journal!
  4. Self-care it up
    A lot of times I find that when I’m feeling like giving up in my business it’s because I myself am totally drained. The cure? Self-care. I take the night off, take an amazingly luxurious bath, read a book I love, listen to great music, meditate… whatever I’m feeling like doing that’s rejuvenating to my soul.
    When you improve (or quite honestly, when you deteriorate) one area of your life, it bleeds into all of the other areas. If you take care of yourself and treat yourself with amazing respect, clients are going to do the same for you. If your marriage is falling apart, it’s highly likely that your business isn’t getting very successful. When you take care of yourself, you’re going to be able to get out of the funky feeling of wanting to give up.
  5. Reveal what is blocking you from moving forward
    A lot of times, the feeling of giving up comes from frustration from not seeing results you had hoped for.
    At this point, I would invite you to do what it takes to realize what’s blocking you, whether that’s a mindset issue, a fear, a confidence issue, etc.
    Some ways to figure out what’s blocking you:
    -Use a combination of meditation + journaling to get clear-minded, then get your thoughts out.
    -Work with a coach who specializes in removing mindset blocks
    -Get into the space of what it would REALLY feel like to achieve your goals for your business… and then write down any fears or hesitations that come up (even if it’s a tiny glimpse of it). This might be your block.
    -If all else fails, simply remember that you don’t have to know all the answers. Maybe say a mantra/prayer similar to “I don’t know what is blocking me from [insert goal], please help me to remove this and continue towards this goal.”

    Once you’ve revealed what it is that’s blocking you, release it! Sometimes it’s as easy as acknowledging the block, then mentally releasing it. Sometimes it takes more work. Step outside of your comfort zone with the block and do what it takes to remove it.

So there you have it, five amazing ways to get through the nasty feeling of giving up.

Leave a comment and let me know what you like to do to get over this phase (if you’ve experienced it!)

Here’s to your success,





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