One day, I was feeling really unclear about who I really was… so I decided to look up some Brad Yates videos (He’s an expert on EFT tapping)– and I came across one where he was saying in the beginning,

“Lack of clarity is really just resistance. I know deep down what I’m supposed to be doing… I just have resistance to it.”

It struck a cord with me instantly. I did the EFT tapping and felt so much clearer about what my next steps were.

The thing is- we KNOW what we’re here for. If you’re jumping back and forth between business ideas, have a hard time making decisions, or even just don’t know what step to take next… I’m willing to bet there’s resistance (fear) coming up without you even realizing it.

The reason this happens is because when you know your truest purpose…. shit gets real. You have to act on it once you know it!! And that’s scary!

Of course, there are definitely times where our purpose is so far suppressed from years of pushing it down that it’s hard to find. That’s when practices such as EFT tapping, Emotional Kinesiology, journaling, or meditation can be really helpful.

My personal favorite method to find an answer on what step to take next is setting intentions each morning. For me, this is kind of a combination of meditation plus journaling. I write in my journal “What 1-2 things should I accomplish today?” And then the meditative part comes in— I just wait. Wait for the answer. My intuition tells me what I need to know.


So lovely, if you’re feeling unclear- I invite you to dig deeper. What are you scared of discovering about yourself? <3


<3 Stacy

Mindset & Clarity Coach for women entrepreneurs who want to make a massive impact on the world with their business without compromising who they truly are.


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