You may have heard the phrase “step into your power” before. I use it a lot. I think the phrase embraces a powerful action that women can take.

But what does it really mean?

To me, it means taking the bold risk that you need to take in order to do what you’re being called to do. It’s listening to that little voice that is pushing you ever so gently towards your goals, even when that voice is telling you to do things that scare you and make you work hard and make you feel things you might have been hiding from.

It’s about being ALIVE and purposeful and giving 100% on a daily basis.

It’s knowing what you stand for, and doing whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

It’s sharing your gifts, whatever those might be, in a way that is totally and completely YOU.

And it’s taking inspired action every single day so that you can reach your big, huge, “never thought this was possible” goals.

So here’s to stepping into your power, my dear.


<3 Stacy


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