The Universe has always got my back.

This affirmation has become so powerful for me lately. I’ve been making huge strides in my business, and I truly believe it’s because I believe in the previous statement.

I felt a calling to invest in a 1:1 coach who has been supporting me through some big changes in my business- and allowing me to get past the blocks that were holding me back big time.

Investing in this was hard for me, I’ll admit. It seemed so scary to give someone what is honestly a LOT of money with no 100% guarantee, no promises that cannot be broken, nothing but hope and determination.

I didn’t jump into this decision… I felt I was led to it. The Universe was telling me that I needed to make this investment to help me reach the next level. So I listened, and I did.

That same day, I had a couple people sign up for clarity calls with me.

The following day, I had a random bonus from my day job deposited into my bank account.

I have had more engagement and responses since making this investment than I have had in months previously.

I truly believe that these changes are from listening to my inspired thoughts and doing what I knew was right for myself and my business, even though it’s scary.


My challenge for you this week is to find some time to get quiet with yourself and really listen to the thoughts that come up regarding what actions you should take next. What comes up will likely be an inspired thought, and those should not be taken lightly. Imagine what would happen if you were to follow this thought, deal with the fears that come up by thanking the fear, then releasing it… and then write down what the Universe is telling you you should be doing next.

I can guarantee that these inspired action thoughts are going to help you take your life, business, or relationships to the next level!


Leave a comment telling me if you have ever followed an inspired thought and where it led you! I’d love to know


Here’s to your success,