I was talking with someone the other day about how I was struggling with certain things within my business and they said, “Wow, I couldn’t even tell!”

They meant it as a compliment, but it got me thinking… it’s totally awesome that I ‘seem’ to have it all together, but that’s not honest. That’s not what’s really going on here.

I really wanted to share with you something that I’ve been struggling with lately. I wanted to keep this a secret so I could pretend to be some kind of fearless leader or whatever, and because sharing our “bad” sides makes that voice in our heads let us know that we must be begging for judgement.

But forget that… I want to be real with you because I want you to be real with me… and why should I expect you to do that if I can’t even admit that I’m having a hard time with something? Sometimes business gets dirty, you feel tired, or stuck, or are totally failing miserably with something in your personal life. It happens to us all.

So here’s one thing I’m struggling with right now:

I have a huge amount of fear around getting on the phone. This is hard for me to admit, and even harder for me to share with you.. because that’s kind of the nature of my work, but it’s true. I’ve always been afraid of it. One time I didn’t get my nails done for a wedding I was in because I was too afraid to call the salon to schedule the appointment.

So for me, booking clarity calls and coaching sessions is scary, and it makes me nervous and stressed.

And of course, because I’m nervous, stressed, and scared about doing this… it hasn’t been happening much.

I believe that things are repelled from you when you have negative emotions surrounding them. It’s pretty apparent, that when you are accepting and positive about something, you attract it.

When we go to face our fears, it seems like our entire body is telling us to stop and do anything else. Waste time on Facebook instead of getting your website launched. Do even more mindset work instead of taking action within your business. We make excuses (good ones, even) that allow us to put off the scary thing.

One of my favorite quotes is, Start before you’re ready.

You don’t need just one more course before you can book your first client. You don’t need to have your website perfected before you launch. You don’t need to get a degree before you can consider yourself good enough.

Start taking action now to get where you want to be… don’t let a little dirt on your boots stop you from putting them on and doing it anyway.





P.S. We could get into more of the things I’m not perfect with, like how I sometimes don’t shower every day (I have a baby, give me a break…), or how I totally don’t even know what 99% of the acronyms my business friends use, or how I am a pushover and let people walk all over me sometimes…. but I have to save SOME face here, right?! 😉


Also- if you’re feeling brave, let yourself be a little vulnerable, and post a comment (or e-mail me at stacy@stacyabke.com) and tell me something you’re struggling with. I promise you’ll be so relieved to finally get it off your chest, and I’d love to offer some free advice and get you back on track with what you’re doing ASAP!