A lot of people have been telling me lately about how they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and generally disappointed with their businesses. I wanted to create this blog post to talk about one of the major shifts I have experienced in my own life and business that helps me deal with these feelings. In fact, since becoming aware of feminine energy and how it plays a vital role in my business, I have had little feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated in this area of my life. I’m not going to lie and say it works 100% of the time, because, like most things, it takes consistent practice to keep present in your life, but when it is there it is so helpful and literally makes life more beautiful.

I actually only recently learned about feminine energy from my business coach, whom actually is an expert on the topic (Lauren Joyce), and have fallen in love with the idea (and the results that stepping into this has gotten me).

So for those of you who haven’t heard of feminine energy before, let me explain. There are two types of energy that humans have- masculine and feminine energy.

The masculine energy presents itself as action, strategy, systems, logical, thinking. The masculine “hangs out” in your head.

The feminine energy presents itself as feeling, intuition, divine guidance, creativity, desires. The feminine “hangs out” in your  body.

It’s so important to have a balance of these two kinds of energies in your life, and especially in your business. The thing is, there’s no magic formula that works for everyone. In fact, everyone is unique so the amount that each energy needs to be present for them to be the happiest and most effective is going to be different.

Some signs you might have an energy imbalance:

  • You are all about planning or dreaming but never take any action (lacking masculine)
  • You feel like you are “so close” but the results still aren’t coming (lacking masculine)
  • You get burnt out easily (lacking feminine)
  • You feel as if you are doing everything right, but you’re not getting the results expected (lacking feminine)

Any of these sound like you?

If so, I invite you to incorporate some more of your lacking energy into your life and business, and I am sure that you will start seeing a shift in the way you’re feeling and the results you’re getting.

How to Add More Masculine Energy:

  • Create a strategy or plan of action, then get started
  • Adding a system to your business that will help you achieve a goal
  • Read about or do something more logical like a crossword puzzle

How to Add More Feminine Energy:

  • Get in touch with your body. Do a meditation that moves your consciousness over various parts of your body, or move your body (dancing, yoga, exercise)
  • Do something creative. Paint, write, play an instrument, sing… do something that allows you to express yourself.
  • Think about what you truly desire. Writing a list of your desires can help you get clear on what you really want for your life and business AND helps you connect with your feminine energy.

The key is BALANCE. You want to find that “sweet spot” where you are feeling in tune with your intuition and emotions, but also taking quality action that gets you the results you’re desiring. Feminine and Masculine energies come as a partnership- if one is overpowering the other, things aren’t going to work out. The also depend upon one another. Without masculine energy, the feminine would have no way to manifest in the real world. Without feminine energy, masculine energy would be passionless and without meaning.

I invite you to think about how feminine and masculine energy has been present in your life (even if you weren’t previously aware of it)… and how you can start to balance them in order to find that sweet spot in your life and business.



Here’s to your success,




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