Hi lovelies, I know I usually talk about mindset and how that can help your business- but as you may be aware- without ACTION, mindset is kind of useless for getting results in your business.
Today I want to talk to you about the 5 Systems you NEED to have in your business, and how you can start implementing them to save time, and get more clients!
Let’s jump right in!
1. Marketing & List Building
This is a pretty obvious one. Without attracting clients, you don’t have a business-you have an expensive hobby. You need to have a system for marketing. What methods will you use? How often will you use these methods?
You also should include some focus on growing your email list. Every single client I’ve ever booked has been on my email list (usually for at least a few months) before they hire me. People want to get to know you before they work with you, and this is the best way to do just that.
On a side note, because your email list is the perfect way for you to get on your ideal clients’ radar- be sure to be consistent with emailing them, while providing as much value as you can.
2. Customer Service & Email
How often are you going to check your email? What do you say to routine questions? It may help to have a template you use for emailing leads, so you don’t have to type similar emails multiple times over again.
Customer service is so important in any business, so make sure you have a plan if someone is unhappy with your services or if they want a refund. Also- if you want to go above and beyond with your clients, what are you going to do for them? It’s helpful to know ahead of time so you are prepared.
3. Website
How often will you update your website? What is the process you have for blogging or other content being added to your site? Keeping your website up to date is important. There’s nothing more frustrating for a potential client than being given old information because a website wasn’t up to date.
4. Content & Products or Services
Keeping your content flowing and your products/services fresh is important for evolving as a business.
What will you do to create your content? (Weekly/daily planning sessions?) What kind of content will you create, and where will you promote or share it?
As for your products/services, making sure that they are meeting your ideal client’s needs is a must-do- you don’t want to be offering something that they needed months ago but don’t need anymore- or something that they’re not ready for yet. You can make sure that your products/services are in-line with your ideal client’s needs by just ASKING them. Ask a question in Facebook groups, as your email list, do a free call where you ask them what they would love to get help with/see you provide.
[[Side note again– Having a social media system is also a great way to be visible with your business and attract more clients through your message. Consistency is key!]]
5. Calendar & Schedule
I use Calendly for booking appointments, which makes it really easy for my potential clients and people I want to connect with to book a time with me. It also helps prevent that awkward “well this time will work for me… but not that one… do any of these work for you?” conversation. You know what I’m talking about. Calendly also integrates right with my Google Calendar so I have all of my appointments right on that, plus anything I input to Google Calendar is blocked out from Calendly. Saves lots of hassle with overbooking issues.
Even if you’re not “really busy” with  clients yet… now is the PERFECT time to get these systems in place. For two reasons.
1. Your future, busy, self will thank you later.
2. When you prepare for the clients and work you’re GOING to have, it kind of sends out the vibration that you’re ready for your new clients to be on their way to you- so it gives the Universe the sign that you want that to start happening, pronto!
Systems are necessary for your business to run smoothly. These are of course just the basics, but they will save you so much time and money in the long run. As always, if any of these are standing out to you as nearly impossible for you to figure out, consider hiring support or even outsourcing.
I’d love to hear from you- what would you add to this list? Anything you’re struggling with in particular? Share in the comments below and we can support each other and share ideas.
Here’s to your success!
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