I felt the calling to approach Stacy Abke in gaining clarity for my coaching business. When Stacy and I started working together, I was feeling a desire for a business to coach moms in nutrition. After working with Stacy in gaining clarity and mindset, mentoring Mom Entrepreneurs in Self~Love speaks my soul. Stacy supported me by asking insightful questions and using soulful guidance.

The result was exactly what I needed to get clear and build the foundations to my Self~Love for Mompreneurs business. One thing I liked working with Stacy was the soulful connection we had on our coaching calls. You could feel the powerful energies through the phone. Each call with Stacy, I could feel I was right where I needed. The day I was going to cancel a coaching call was the day I had my biggest breakthrough.

I found the experience uplifting and am so pleased we were able to connect on a higher level. I would recommend Stacy Abke to people who need to gain clarity in their business on a soulful level. There is a comfort to find the guidance and trusting in the High Powers above.

Jessica Bardzinski

Mompreneur Self-Love Mentor, Self-Love Mama

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you. You have been a fantastic coach and came into my life at exactly the right time! I was struggling with getting my business where I wanted it to be, being able to focus and reach the clients that I need to serve. Stacy came along to help me. I absolutely love getting her emails and hearing her thoughts on my situation. She is always positive, yet clear and concise in her thoughts and advice. She asks pertinent questions and encourages me to reflect and then (and this is the key part) get on with changing my life and business! I feel that she is cheering me on, and is as excited about my plans as I am. Stacy’s contributions always give me that push I need to move onto the next stage, ever closer towards achieving my goals. Thank you Stacy! I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.”

Shanetta Brown

Grief Recovery and Empowerment Coach, Shanetta Brown, Grief Coach

“Working with Stacy was transformative. I had been struggling with the process of how to get my business marketed while starting to create the concept for my next business. I was overwhelmed and needed help. Stacy helped me by listening to where I was and offering action steps on the points where I was missing the how to. She also was able to see places where I was in resistance and was keeping myself playing small. She offered alternative perspectives which helped me shift the energy of the situation. I went from having trouble marketing my business and wanted to develop the concept of my next one to raising my prices on my first business and getting in alignment with it as well as completely developing the concept for my new business, creating the website, marketing it on Facebook and GETTING CLIENTS!! The growth that I have had from working with Stacy is really shocking to me. I look back and realized that all of my progress that happened in 4 months is astronomical! And the most amazing part is that she is so sweet and gentle and never pushed me to do something that I didn’t feel comfortable with. This made the growth happen even quicker!  I am super grateful for my time working with her and totally recommend taking the time to connect with her. It is game changing!”

Heather E. Cypel

Intuitive Energy Healer + Creative Historical Preservationist, Acadiana Energy Healing

“Working with Stacy was very helpful. She connected me with my feelings and we focused in on how to run my company from my heart. I felt very clear and focused, excited to implement what we had talked about.

What I mainly loved was that she made me realize that I have to focus on doing the things I love (instead of what I -should- do to run a successful company) – and that by doing what I love, I will attract clients that I like working with.”

Dineke Kroesbergen

“Stacy is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Honestly, I was a bit scared to get on the call. I was in such a bad mindset that day and was just feeling so down in the dumps, I almost upper limited and tried to get out of it, yet I’m SO glad I didn’t. Stacy’s like the amazing business best friend you (have always) known you needed, yet wasn’t sure where to find! She got me clear on my goals, she called out and cleared the bullshit, and gave me the confidence and reassurance that I needed. If you’re plateaued and not sure how to get out, I’ll tell you how- CALL STACY.”

Courtney Dunsmore

Mindset & Success Coach, As We Stumble Along

“Before talking to Stacy, I had a vague idea of what to do with my business.  I felt a heavy cloud pulling me down and had a huge hesitancy towards my next tasks.  After working with Stacy, the big blur of cloud had turned transparent and she helped me break down each tasks that needed to be done, offering me creative and doable solutions in a gentle manner.  Now I have a clear to-do list that feels exciting and manageable, and the huge hesitancy has disappeared. Stacy walks her talk, as she emphasizes on giving her clients as much value as possible, and I can definitely felt she did that with me.  She supported my ideas and my business and went beyond my expectation.”

Naomi Lancet

Web Designer, Honu Web Design

“Stacy was the first coach that I worked with and she is absolutely phenomenal!! I worked with her when I was beginning my start-ups for business and I am thankful she came to me when she did! Within a week of working with her,  I had been inspired to create my website and get visible on social media platforms when I had been afraid to before. She really invests her time in each session and contact with her clients – she has a magnetic personality and I have already recommended her multiple times to others looking for a mindset coach. You will be in great hands of you work with her!!”

Krystal Runkis Peña

Writing Coach & Publishing Strategist, Prints by Pepper

“Stacy is a great coach, she asked questions first before she jumped into anything else, so I could really tell it was going to be a personable call and one to fit me and my needs. She is friendly, confident, and has a great bubbly personality so she makes it really easy to talk to her. I would definitely recommend her as a coach to others who are starting or have their own business and are struggling. She has great tips on how to can be more confident and how to help you succeed. After we spoke I had such a great week with my business! I truly felt more confident in myself and my work.”

Ashley Moore

Independent Distributor , It Works!

“Before my call with Stacy, I was feeling worried about my photography business and financial situation. We spoke about altering my mindset to attract abundance, and she gave me some action steps I could take to bring in my ideal clients. Later that afternoon, I was able to manifest a new lens for my camera – for free! – something I’ve had my eye on for months. I know this will have a positive effect on the work I produce and the clients I work with. Thanks, Stacy, for reminding me that simple mindset shifts really do work wonders!”

Kate Hill

Founder & Photographer, Blue Mood Photography

“Stacy is very sharp and intuitive. I first connected with her after reading her ebook, “How to Stop Worrying About Getting Clients for Good.” I sent her a message to tell her how much I agreed on all the great points she made and what a great writer she is. We had a session on the phone and she was able to offer solid and practical business advice, while helping me set goals and work on the mindset aspect of my business.”

Elan Agapov

Copywriter, Alluring Copy

“I had no hesitations about signing up to work with Stacy. I was sold before I even had my Discovery Call.  Her messaging spoke to me and I knew she could help me get to where I needed to go.

In 4 short months, I had a business vision, website, programs, opt-in’s and email list, Facebook group and page, and my marketing plan and new money mindset in place.  None of this would have happened without working with Stacy.  She provided the information and support I needed to move forward each step of the way.  And when I had blocks and resistance, which happened often, she was right there to help me through it.  Stacy not only helped me with the details of the steps I needed to go through to develop my coaching business, but she guided me through the fears and doubts that were holding me back.

Her kind and gentle spirit combined with her savvy business sense are the ideal combination needed in a coach.  She was focused on me 100% whenever we worked together and I knew she was there for me whenever I needed her.  Stacy is the real deal and I loved our time working together!”

Jenna Wells

Money Maven for Women Entrepreneurs