In my honest opinion, things have gotten a little out of hand in the mindset industry (or really the online business/coaching/mindset industry, especially because in many cases it’s melted into one big industry).

So the idea that I’m “challenging” today is that you have to clear all of your blocks, remove all of your internal resistance, heal all of your past traumas, hurts, resentment, etc. before you can become successful or even move forward.

I’m calling BS.

Healing your childhood, removing your blocks, whatever.. Is a lifelong process. It’s like bathing- you can’t just do it once and expect it to be good to go forever.

If you keep telling yourself that you have to totally heal the relationship with your parents, or get rid of all your negative money blocks, or finally stop smoking or overeating or whatever the hell you are telling yourself, before you can be successful you are WRONG.

My dear… if this is you, you have an excuse that is being encouraged by so many people today in this industry.


If you want to be healed and “fix” your past- then that’s great. It will change your life, because you’ll be a happier, more fulfilled person just from that. But you can stiillllll be successful in business and make money without buying every self-help book on the market. (Trust me, I own a lot)

So what DOES have to change so you can start being successful?

You have to make the choice.

The choice to act like a successful person.

The choice to stop letting all of the things that are “wrong” about you stop you from taking that next step.

The choice that you can make money even though your parents were too poor or too rich or just right but you had a really snotty friend who had a lot of money so you now think rich people are selfish.

The choice to get the help you need to do this- whether that’s a coach, a babysitter, or something else.

See what I’m saying? It’s just a choice. It’s really that simple. You are not flawed. You are not blocked, you are not stuck.

You are powerful- and you get to choose right now (and every moment after this)– are you going to be successful?

I also created this video to share my thoughts (although I do write better than I speak so the post might explain what I’m trying trying to say a bit better ;))

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