Hi gorgeous,

Feeling desperate for clients?

I’ve been there.

It kind of feels like when I was desperate for a boyfriend back in high school (don’t judge me).

You are lonely, want someone awesome to spend your Friday nights with, and you would do just about ANYTHING to find someone. Even date someone who wasn’t exactly your perfect match. (and trust me, I did… but that’s another, rather embarrassing story)

(I also did other weird things like go to bars with my also-underage friends just to drink virgin daiquiris…)



Anyway… what I eventually learned about dating, which translates into your client-desperation in your business is this:

When you’re trying to force it, it’s not going to happen.

It’s when you step back, release the control over the situation, and trust that either it’s going to happen or this particular thing wasn’t meant to be…. that you meet your soul mate/get clients coming in.

It wasn’t until I stopped being desperate for a date that I met the man who would become my husband.

If you’re trying to force the systems in your business that people claim will get you clients, you’re just going to end up burnt out and really frustrated when it doesn’t work for you.

So today, I invite you to take a step back. Re-evaluate your systems. Are they really serving you and the people you want to help? or are you just doing them to do them, because some successful person told you to do it?

Are you feeling desperate for your next client or are you listening to your intuition and being as much of service as you possibly can– without an attachment to an outcome?


Let me know in the comments if this is something you struggle with– and how you think it might feel to step back and tackle your business from a more guided, intuitive point of view instead of desperation and forcefulness. <3



Here’s to your success,




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