Think about the last time you watched a video all the way through or read an article to the finish (and maybe even clicked on something within the article because you were that interested). My guess is you were feeling something or another. Whether it was a political issue being discussed and you wanted to read the whole thing to see how “wrong” they were, or an inspiring video showing that kindness still exists in the world, you were likely interested because you were feeling strong emotions.

Even for those are strongly logical, emotions still play a role in what catches their attention.

With this in mind, my question to you today is: How does your audience FEEL every time they read something you write, watch a video you’ve created, or simply visit your website? How do they feel every time they see or hear you in any way?

It’s important to be mindful of what feeling you want to portray. For example, your audience could be:

-Feeling super excited about the potential your help could create for them so they want to hire you

-Feeling super sad about a story of a child in need so they want to donate

-Feeling super frustrated when you talk about a problem and read more to find the solution…

or even:

-Feeling super angry because you sent them ANOTHER pointless email that they find over-the-top

-Feeling super bored with your message because it doesn’t speak to them at all

-Feeling uninterested in your posts because you don’t sound like the kind of person they like talking to.


As you can see, emotions can be good or bad for you and your business.

So what are some ways to keep things positive and make your audience want to read more?

  1. Re-read your posts after you write them with the goal of feeling what comes of it for yourself (if anything). How does your post make you feel? Chances are, it will do something similar for someone else.
  2. Talk about your client’s experience, and don’t be afraid to talk about their emotions! What’s in it for them? Tell them how it’s going to feel for them to apply what you’re talking about in their own life.
  3. Tell a story. People love stories because we can connect with them more easily than just cold, hard facts. Tell a story about your own experience or one of someone you know.
  4. Make them laugh. People are much more likely to be interested in what you’re saying if you can start things off on a humorous note (if the topic is appropriate of course!) Use a funny, relevant image or story to kick-off your post or message in order to let them know they’re in for a treat if they keep reading.
  5. Get vulnerable. Your audience is going to be able to connect with what you’re saying on a much deeper, emotional level if you are honest and vulnerable with them. Don’t try to hide anything to save face, let them hear the good, the bad, the ugly!


So there you have it! Be mindful of the emotional effect your branding and messages have, because it really does make a difference!


Here’s to your success,




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