Self-care is way more important than people give it credit for. Like in the theoretical airplane crash situation, which is probably the most popular example, you have to take care of yourself first before you can help those around you.. or something may happen to you and you certainly won’t be able to help anyone else.
As women (and especially moms), there is pressure for us to be selfless and martyrs for others at the cost of our sanity, and certainly our dreams.
But what if we shifted our way of thinking about this subject to believe that we are worth the care we deserve, and that this care will allow us to serve others even better? This belief is a win-win for everyone, because you get the care you desire AND other people get the even-better-version of you.
I know personally, my daughter has inspired me to take better care of myself. I would do anything for her, so giving her an amazing mom is top priority.
So now that you know why self care is so important, here are 5 signs that you need to up it on the self care.
1. You feel burnt out… every day. If you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed out, and like this sh*t is going nowhere fast… you might need to amp-up your self-care.
2. You have been consistently thinking about a goal/dream that “is never going to happen” because you are too busy taking care of the kids, the husband, the dog, the house, the job…… Girl, time to get yourself on the top of your priority list and realize that YOU can create a better life for yourself so your family can have a better life!
3. You haven’t had a pampering service of any kind done in you don’t even know how long. I’m not even saying you need to go blow a few hundred dollars on a spa day… just give yourself some time to pamper yourself. (But by all means, if you feel the need to hire someone else, do it!! You get bonus points.) Do your nails, take a luxurious bubble bath, pull out that ancient foot massager that’s been gathering dust. Or, if you have a partner, have them give you a massage. No promises they’ll be able to keep their hands only on your back, though…
4. Your business is starting to feel really stale because you’re just doing what has to be done (and not really feeling passionate about it anymore). My best advice: take a relaxation break then figure out what’s not working and change it so it is. Simple as that.
5. You are falling behind in your business because your kids have been really needy lately… or the house seems to be extra messy… need I go on? These are excuses that are likely coming up because of something else that’s really going on. Get some self-care in and get back to work!
If you said “wow that sounds like my life right now” to ANY of these things, get more self-care into your day!
Here are some quick and easy ways to do that.
1. Let the husband/partner watch the kids for an hour and just RELAX- and I mean it. Take a nice bath, meditate, go for a walk… whatever you do to totally unwind- do it.
2. Do something creative. Paint, color, play an instrument… do something that gets your creativity flowing.
3. Get enough rest.
4. Eat healthy foods.
5. Compliment yourself often.
Happy self-caring!
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